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Brief: Land Securities are the largest commercial property owner in the UK. They approached us to help them visualise their new strategy; to make better use of technology and data throughout the business. Defining a digital strategy is a big undertaking, but to really finish the job, you’ve got to share it with your people in a simple and engaging way.

Process: Through discussions with the client, we rapidly developed a clear understanding of the strategy. Our questions helped focus the team on what was important, and led them to a new strapline for the strategy; ‘Built to Change’.

Solution: A strategy map is the ideal way to show your people new goals and directions. The picture came together quickly, fully reflecting the Land Securities style and brand. To bring it to life and make it easy to understand, we produced a three minute ‘hand-drawn’ animation, to talk (and walk) the viewer through the story. Finally, to embed the picture into office culture on a daily basis, we created mural artwork to adorn the office walls and break-out rooms; a softly-landing but constant reminder of the new ways of working.

Result: Land Securities had what they needed to get their people engaged with the new ideas. A strategy map they could gather round and talk about business benefits, rather than ‘speeds and feeds’.

Land Securities

Commercial Property

A strategy map with video and office murals

From the client:
It’s very easy to write a strategy, but words are just words on a page … the pictures help us drive home what we’re trying to achieve. It underpins pretty much everything we do in our department. It enables our customers to see what we’re trying to achieve.

Danny Nicholson
Solutions Architect