Game changing leadership

Where we started: The Crown Estate are stewards of the treasury’s £8bn property portfolio, of all shapes and sizes, across the land (and the sea, too - it owns almost all the seabed around the UK). When their new CEO took up the mantle, she wanted a way to communicate a vision of the future that encompassed the complexity of the business. A vision that needed to speak to many disparate teams, not to mention external stakeholders.

The journey: We listened to the key leaders from all portfolios talk about their part of the business, then asked questions. Those conversations helped us develop a rough sketch of the organisation and, with helpful feedback rounds from employees across the teams, we completed the final strategy map; a vision of The Crown Estate. We filmed the leadership team as they each presented the picture, and then we created a web-based resource of all the best bits, for staff to access on demand.

Mapping it out: We produced a strategy map incorporating all elements of the business on one page. It enabled everyone to see how The Crown Estate fits together, and how it’s going to get to where it wants to be in the next ten years. In the last decade, it contributed £2.1bn to the Treasury. With the new online video gallery which puts the heads of business talking about the vision in front of every employee, they’ve got an interactive map to pave the way to success.

Fork in the road: When we parted ways, the people at The Crown Estate were still engaging with the map. Their CEO regularly presents the strategy map to talk about The Crown Estate, including once to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge.

The Crown Estate


Strategy Map & video gallery