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Brief: Atradius is one of the world’s top three trade insurance companies, with sales teams working face-to-face or through brokers using standard bullet point slide presentations to make their case. How could they visualise the benefits of their service and create a new tool to help them to open up the SME market?

Process: One of the requirements was that the same tool should work right across Europe. In addition to our normal development process we interviewed key sales and operations staff in three countries in order to understand the different emphases in different markets.

Solution: Our inspiration came from the sales guys. They recognised their clients’ sense of adventure, understanding that growing a business is about action. We developed a metaphor around “how can we help you on your journey?” There are 21 benefits illustrated on the road, but it’s flexible; each sales person chooses which to use as the client is engaged in conversation. The integral database allows Atradius to update any label, and switch easily between languages. Our unique ‘drag & drop’ component allows them to add, remove or update specific materials such as customer slides or policy documents quickly and easily.

Result: We were applauded by the board in Amsterdam, who went so far as to offer us positions on their sales team. Instead, we trained their teams in four countries and also introduced Atradius to WebEx, the online conferencing system, so that presentations could be made without the need to meet face-to-face. This both substantially reduced the cost of conversion and increased its effectiveness, allowing five or six presentations a day instead of one.


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From the client:
Not only did the result exceed my expectations, but Richard was also able to give a better sales pitch than many of our sales guys.

Michael Westra