Leverage your insight

Brief: Leading international management consultants Gartner were briefed by the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) to look at the use of DNA evidence in the criminal justice system, in order to highlight possible improvements. But in a busy world, how many people would take the time to read a detailed report, and what impact would it create?

Process: An intensive half-day workshop with the Gartner team allowed us to discuss their findings and to build a common understanding. From that session, we developed our visual solution.

Solution: We designed and created a strategy map. A visual wallchart that captures the flow of information and illustrates all the key areas of the process with captions to describe the issues.

Result: Gartner supplied multiple copies to their client at A0 size. Used as a backdrop to gather around, it brought discussions to life and encouraged conversation and appreciation of the interconnected issues. It was circulated widely within the Home Office and was published in the annual report. Overall, its circulation and insight brought much greater recognition of Gartner’s work for the NPIA.


Criminal Justice system

Strategy Map

From the client:
The strategy map provided an excellent briefing tool that enabled complex processes to be explained in a readily understandable manner. What was usually a 40 minute presentation with 20 slides could now be undertaken in 10 minutes with a single view.

Mike Lithgow
Managing Vice President