Our clients


Sue Bonney, Partner, KPMG
Richard has consistently delivered - he listens and interprets a wide range of views and inputs and translates them into a coherent and engaging visual story. He also really forces you to think about whether you have a clear point of view. As a way to engage and debate with clients it is unbeatable - flexible, memorable and differentiating.

John Smith, CEO, BBC Worldwide
Genius! Why would you ever use PowerPoint again? It not only makes me feel good about the organisation, it makes it all so clear.

Andrew Carr, CFO, Merlin Entertainments
They are a rare beast, combining artistic skill with an understanding of business strategy and the ability to think outside the box. Most presentations are predictable - words, numbers, bullets. This method shows you the whole picture, and allows the company to come alive. It’s a conversation which follows a thread, and it can go in different directions. You don’t feel that you’ve got to scroll through 30 slides to get to the bottom. It is a powerful and unique skill.

Jerry Clark, Vice President, Capgemini
‘See what you mean’ is a creative agency that helps bring ideas to life and deliver messages to others. As one of the components of our successful BAA proposal, the video they produced for us helped us in three ways: it showed that we were creative, it demonstrated that to the client that they were valued and it allowed us to tell our story in a differentiated way. Richard and his team listen to the brief, and they listen to your comments. They bring different ideas to you which they then hone and refine with you. And they met the timescales, even though we put them under huge pressures. They are a good and worthy partner who I would definitely want on my side.

Partner, Top four global professional services firm
I find it quite difficult to explain. It’s like trying to describe a television to a radio listener. You only get it when you see it. The real deal is not the strategy map. I would have got value out of working with Richard from the quality of his questions - “simple but deadly” - and getting down to the basics. It’s the process, the challenge, the thinking, the distilling of an idea which forces a degree of clarity and ultimately brings competitive edge. We need clarity in order to be clear to others. It forces us into it. SWYM is symbolic, creative, innovative, different. And therefore, by association, we are too.

Mike Lithgow, Managing Vice President, Gartner
The strategy map provided an excellent briefing tool that enabled complex processes to be explained in a readily understandable manner. What was usually a 40 minute presentation with 20 slides could now be undertaken in 10 minutes with a single view. It captured the imagination of the stakeholders and provided them with an enduring visualisation that will outlast the slide deck on the ‘C-drive’. And, made available to the whole enterprise, created a powerful and effective means of communication to a far wider audience than is possible with traditional documents and presentational material.

Ben Wells, Head of Marketing, Chelsea FC
We use it all the time. Everyone is tired of PowerPoint and being talked at. We use it to create talking points which leads to a two-way dialogue and a much easier route to discerning what potential sponsors actually want, rather than us trying to sell what we have to sell. Everyone appreciates this approach & they often comment on how different the tool is.

Partner, Top four global professional services firm
We launched it last week! I took the decision to hold it back because it became clear autumn last year that the company was about to appoint a new CFO, and I took the view that rather than present a ‘second hand’ picture that this would be our first use. There was no need to update the picture for changes in the business between when it was drawn up and last week, although the messaging changed a little in a few places.
We held a day long workshop with the new CFO in London. She is new to the company having arrived from a global competitor. She had spent a few weeks getting to know the company so came to the workshop with some knowledge but a lot of confusion. She was blown away by the strategy map and its ability to tell so compelling a story.
We have also taken the outgoing CFO through it, a 30 year company veteran, whose response was equally impressive. We will roll it out further to the CEO and Chairman in the next two weeks. As the CFO relationship is key to us - I am happy that she feels this was done for her and that she saw the first viewing. We had the map printed on a huge poster on one wall, so quite a wow factor when she entered the room even before we got onto the content and messaging.
So thanks for your help with this and please pass on to the team involved.