Why use us?

‘Strategy is sacrifice’. If I throw nine balls at you what will happen? You might catch one. *

You come to us with complexity… your global business strategy… a multifaceted sales pitch… your multi-million pound tendering proposal.

We bring you clear thinking, and an uncommon ability to understand and visualise. We listen and ask questions. We work out what it is you need to say, keeping in mind who you need to say it to. Through discussions and distillation we produce a ‘See what you mean’ - a strategy map that gets your customer leaning forward, and blurs the boundaries between presentation and collaboration.

A strategy map keeps all the points on one page. They elicit an emotional response… no more stale lists and bullet points. Our clients love the way we convert messages into easy-speak, or easy-learn, and how the map allows them to focus on specific topics, but keeps the ‘bigger picture’ in view. This leads to productive discussions between their colleagues, around their boardroom table, and with long-term and prospective clients alike.

Previous projects include…

  • Over 150 bids for a global Professional Services Company to win Audit and to deepen long term relationships.

  • Working with the CEO at The Crown Estate to break down internal silos and develop common values.

  • European sales tools for Atradius and Euler Hermes.

Our process involves open discussion.
Written briefs don’t work - too heavy on detail, too light on anecdotes.
Dialogue is fast moving and gets straight to the point.
The workshop stage is the most important - that’s where we create the real value.

Turn your insight into a real competitive advantage, call us on +44 (0)208 004 1919

Watch a video on how we do it below.

* Hat tip to David Ogilvy and Dave Trott

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