How do you beat the competition to win bids?
Working with visionary leaders, we’ve developed a secret weapon.

Visionary business development
We work closely with a range of partners at one of the Big Four consultancies. When they’re preparing to bid on new accounts, they have complex challenges to face and know competition will be fierce – they come to us for expert help communicating their vision.

We help their team define a strategy and visualise the business landscape that their client faces, and the relationship they’ll build together. We understand, challenge, and focus, making their pitch as clear and differentiated as it can be. Then together we create a picture that visualises everything they need to communicate.

Visualise process

Secret weapon
The Big Four pitch teams use our pictures when they meet the client for the big day. And it’s game-changing. Presentations become conversations – the picture, encompassing the broader business landscape, enable both sides to talk more widely and openly about current challenges, and future opportunities. Often, at the end of the pitch, the client asks if they can keep a copy of the picture. (Turns out, that’s a very good sign.)

Visualise process

As a way to engage and debate with clients it is unbeatable – flexible, memorable and differentiating.

Last year we worked on winning bids worth over £10m in total.
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